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What Is A Movement?

 "A Day on Not Off" is usually used to describe the King Holiday.  But, do you know why we celebrate the holiday or how it became one?  We will discuss why we needed and still need movements by learning about the journey to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, the Civil Rights Movement, the Voting Rights Movement, and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Each day we will present grade appropriate information that will help to familiarize your K-4th grader with individuals such as Stevie Wonder, John lewis, Malcolm X, Aretha Franklin and Stacey Abrams.  We will use games, songs, videos and other physical and mental exercises to engage your child during the sessions.

$75 covers the four one-hour sessions. Each Saturday in May from 1:00-2:00 pm EST, we will meet via Zoom.  Your child will receive a gift box that includes a coveted GoBYK t-shirt, a certificate, our collectible GoBYK award pin and other GoBYK items.  


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