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HOW WE CELEBRATE: African American Traditions and Celebrations


This summer we will investigate the reasons as well as the ways in which we celebrate our culture, history and achievements.  How did Martin Luther King,  Jr. Day become a national holiday?  What is Juneteenth and where did it begin?  What are some of the negro spirituals and how did gospel music enter the mainstream culture?  And do you know what Dashiki Day is?


At the completion of the camp, your child will understand why we have these  celebrations and traditions and how they evolved.

Registration opens to all

March 1, 2022

In-Person Camp, Atlanta, GA

June 13-17, 2022


Limited Space open to Rising K-5th Grades


(sibling discounts available)

Before and After Care 8:00am-6:00pm $75

This in-person camp will be held at

Log Cabin Community Church,

2699 Log Cabin Dr, SE

Atlanta, GA 30339 

On-Line Camp

July 11-15, 2022


Open to 3-5th Grades


This camp will be held via Zoom

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