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Black History Book Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the book have to be completed before the start like most book clubs?

No, we are going to space out the chapters so that we can discuss all of the rich Black History events that are referenced along the way. It would help if they got through the first four chapters. They are short ones.

My child is not an avid reader, will he/she fall behind?

It is ok if your child is not an avid reader.  In fact, they can participate even if they do not read the book.  The book is serving as the back drop to our lesson.   The mystery of The Parker Inheritance reads like a movie, so you may find that your child is gravitating to the book after the first session. The weekly discussions ​are sure to leave them wondering what comes next.

Why would I pay for a book club?

The registration fee actually covers four weeks of Black History education, but since GoBYK has UNSCHOOLED Black History, we can't advertise that part (smile). Your child will also receive a GoBYK gift box at the end of the session filled with goodies.

I haven't purchased the book yet, is it too late?

It's never too late to read a good book.  We will begin the first session with the assumption that everyone may not have read the first four very short chapters. But, here is a link to purchase the book....Barnes and Nobel......Amazon

Ok, where do I register?

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