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Go Beyond Your Knowledge

Black History Camp and Courses

2021-2022 Program Calendar

K-4th grade

Free Black History Bingo

Every First Saturday

What Is A Movement?

 Saturdays in May

9th-12th grade

On The Job!

Live on Instagram

Every Third Sunday

Black Wall Street and Other African American Communities of Wealth

Sundays in April

Sold Out

Freedom Isn't Always Free

July 12-16

Registration Closed

"Thanks, Christopher Columbus" -1492

Sundays in September

4th-8th grade

Free Black History Bingo (4th/5th)

Every First Saturday

Black History Book Club

The Parker Inheritance

Sundays in March

Registration Closed

This schedule is representative of GoBYK programming as of February 1, 2011.  We are hopeful that the current Covid restrictions are lifted and that we can gather in person this summer for our Atlanta programs- Black History Camp and Xclusive Double Dutch

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Registration Closed
Registration Closed
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