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About GoBYK

pronounced "go-bike"



As a young mother confronted with the need for childcare and the desire to acquaint her five year old with the other 13 African American children in her predominantly white private school, Tracy Moss immediately thought back to her childhood.  There was a specific two-week period of one childhood summer that stuck with her forever.  Her aunt gathered a group of nieces, nephews and cousins of varying ages and taught them about figures and events in black history, quotes, songs and plays. That time had such a profound affect on her that she could still remember the songs and poems they learned.  To Tracy, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to deliberately teach her daughter and school friends about black history.


Tracy and another mother asked the other African American families if they wanted their kids to attend, and they all replied yes.  That first summer, a total of 12 children met in Tracy's basement.  This is where Courtney entered. Courtney was home from college and staying in said basement for the summer, so she automatically became the group's first intern.  At that time, the camp was called African American Achievement Camp, but that was the start of Go Beyond Your Knowledge.

H. Skip Watson joined the family and thus the organization in 2006 as our Director of Curriculum. His love for Black History fit perfectly with the organizations goals.   During this time, the organization was establishing itself as a 501c(3) and had expanded it's mission.  "Building self-esteem through mental strength" is what Go Beyond Your Knowledge is all about. 

Meet our Directors


Tracy Moss 




Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Jack and Jill of America, Inc.

B.S. Hampton University

MBA, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Courtney Hooker

Assistant Director


Dean of Students

Math Teacher and Tutor


Jack and Jill of America, Inc.

B.S. Hampton University

MEd, Georgia State University


H. Skip Watson

Director of Curriculum Development


History Teacher


Basketball Referee

Omega Psi Phi  Fraternity, Inc 

B.S. Hampton University

African Americans in Business
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